InHunt Group’s global headhunting network, InHunt World, was founded in 2017 and already operates in more than 40 countries. We are now strengthening the organization when Arash started this week as a new Partner Director, with the primary mission of developing and growing InHunt World’s Partner Network.

“I’m sure that Arash is just the right person for the job. I’ve known him now for six years, and he is one of the best negotiators and salespeople I have ever met. Arash was born in Italy, but speaks fluently eight different languages, which is a huge help when thinking about the global work environment he is now entering,” says Teemu Ruuska, responsible for InHunt Group’s digitalization and international operations.

Both Arash and Teemu have lived in Madrid for a long time, and this is how they know each other well and will work very close together from now on. Madrid is very well strategically located and offers excellent flight connections around the world.

“Yes, it has an impact, and it’s definitely a positive thing. Although today and before the pandemic, most of InHunt World’s meetings took place online due to the long distances. But it is clear that it is useful, and especially in the beginning, to get things moving and happening. It is also absolutely important that I am able to be close and go through things together by also being physically present.”

Jan-Erik Lagerström, CEO of InHunt World, is also very optimistic about the future:

“While the world’s situation is very uncertain, and it is clear that the coming years will not be easy for anyone, we are confident that hiring Arash into InHunt World is a strategically right solution.

The crisis is usually better overcome together, and the strength of the Partner network we have built will now gain huge importance. In the long run, we believe that cross-border mobility will increase, which means that InHunt World also wants to be involved in supporting its customers’ internationalization, while also growing and activating its own Partner network.”

Arash, the new Partner Director of InHunt World

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