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InHunt World is a Global Headhunting Network that is currently active in over 40 countries. During this autumn, we are going to go through these countries one by one, usually interviewing the Country Manager or the CEO of the country in question.

Today we are in Finland, one of the countries that haven’t been too affected by the Pandemic. Finland is a relatively large country with a small population, this helped a lot in  reducing the effects of the Pandemic. Finland and the Finns are also well known for having over 500.000 summer cottages, which is a relatively large number considering that Finland’s population is only around 5,5 million people. Those cottages are usually in the middle of the forest, next to the lakes or on islands. This helps a lot when you are in a situation where people should be kept more distant from one another, and people can go and spend time in their summer houses.  

Naturally, the Finnish Economy has also done relatively well. The GDP went down only 2,8% in 2020 (source), and the strong recovery started already at the end of the same year. The first half of 2021 has also been very strong. According to the Ministry of Finance of Finland, the Finnish GDP would grow by 2,6% in 2021.

Headhunting and Recruitment Market in Finland

The headhunting and recruitment market has been very active in Finland since autumn 2020. Basically, this means that there were just a few slower months between March and August in 2020, and right after that, there has been a huge increase in the recruitment activity in general. Naturally, some sectors are still waiting to come back, like Hotels and Restaurants.

In Finland in 2020, the headhunting market size was under 70 million €, and there are almost 200 hundred companies that officially have headhunting services in their service portfolio. However, many of these companies are just run by one or two people. The biggest headhunting companies in Finland have a turnover of between 5 and 6 million € annually.

Next, we are going to interview the CEO of InHunt Group, Mr. Kari Juutilainen. Kari has been the CEO of InHunt Group since 2014, and especially during this year, he has led InHunt Group towards a very strong growth, and all the previous sales records have been broken during the first half of 2021. It looks very promising that InHunt Group will be the first Headhunting company to break the 6 million € turnover barrier in Finland.

Kari will give his insights on how he sees the headhunting and recruitment market in Finland.

Hi Kari, thank you for taking your time for this interview. First of all, how are you and how was the summer?

We had a hot summer in Finland, both in terms of climate and work. However, I think our headhunters also had enough time to charge their batteries.

How would you comment on the first half of 2021?

During the first half of the year, our turnover is more than 3.5 million euros. Each month, we’ve managed to break previous records while strengthening our own company by hiring more skilled headhunters. We have a real headhunters dream team and with it we did a great job.

How do you see the second part of 2021? And what about 2022?

We have a strong growth gear, and we are currently expanding. We have increased our revenue target for headhunting services to over 6 million € and it looks like it will be reached. We are also expecting a significant result for this ongoing calendar year.

We are currently bringing new concepts and it will have a very positive effect on 2022 in both net sales and earnings.

What are the industries that are hiring the most?

Because we have nearly 40 headhunters and each of them has a very different background in managing different industries, we are currently doing direct searches across different industries. So for us, it’s really hard to point just one or two industries that are doing well but we see a positive atmosphere in general.

What are the roles that companies are needing the most?

Specialists are now being sought especially for top management of companies, as well as specific sales and financial positions.

What about the candidate market?

There are really a lot of job seekers on the move now. It makes it quite difficult for an individual job seeker to move forward in recruitment processes. Jobseekers need to be able to stand out now even more.

What would you say are the top reasons companies choose to work with InHunt Group over some other players in the market?

InHunt Group has nearly 40 high-level headhunters with a vast experience from different industries from their previous positions. We have won over 70% business requests that has come in this year, which is strong evidence that we are wanted partner in direct search.

Our customers trust, that they can find a headhunter or headhunter team from InHunt Group with just the right experience and expertise in the client’s industry and job position. Based on our customer feedback, this is the most significant reason why we are chosen as a partner. Other reasons include our references, our uncompromising quality, and high-quality customer experience, also confirmed by candidates.

Thank you for your time Kari!

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