InHunt World keeps on growing with 44 countries in its International Headhunting Network. We expand our worldwide partnerships and now we are proud to announce our new Partner for Denmark. Holmgaard Management joins our Global Network representing InHunt World in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We had the pleasure to interview Britta Borch Egevang for our blog today. A very warm welcome to her and the amazing team in Denmark on our behalf.

Here is what she told us earlier today:

InHunt World: Welcome to our network, Britta! We are so excited to have a great brand like Holmgaard Management join us. Can you please introduce us to your company?

Britta: Thank you very much. Holmgaard Management has been in the recruitment business for more than 15 years. It was founded by Managing Partner Lars H. Linnemann, who wanted to create a company providing executive search, interim management and career counselling as state-of-the-art services based on high ethical standards.
More than 90% of our clients revert to us and they rate us to be very trustworthy.
We take pride in delivering excellence and high quality in all our assignments. We are a value-based company highly dedicated to providing value for our customers, and we are every day striving to achieve excellence.

A cornerstone of our business is that we believe in treating both our candidates and clients in the best possible way. Sometimes, people tend to forget about the candidate. I have heard about recruitment companies and even big enterprises in Denmark that do not even revert to the candidate when he or she has sent an application. That is simply not good enough.
In Holmgaard Management, we make sure to answer all applicants and candidates that we have been connected to. Furthermore, we have as a goal that even if the candidate ends up not having the position, he or she should still have a good and instructive experience. You should never forget that the candidate potentially could be your next customer.  

Our focus is always on providing the best match between the client and the candidate. For instance, we analyze very thoroughly the culture of the company. We have different tools for that. We know if there is not a cultural fit, the match will never be a success.
In the same way, we make sure that the company is dedicated to the candidate. Skills and experience are very important, but interpersonal competencies are still getting more and more crucial.
We are living in a complex world so the companies have to hire for the future. Today, there are a lot of changes in the recruitment market. Companies are getting digitalized and internationalized, and there is a huge need for new competencies.
Although more and more recruitment processes can be digitalized, we do not think that the matching can be left to machine learning. However, as headhunters it is important that we participate in the debate and point out when it makes sense to digitalize and where it is absurd.
One should remember that digitalization and tagging are not neutral. In our company we believe strongly in more diversity in leadership and boards, and we strive to have this embedded in the recruitment process as well as to find the right candidates that can help the clients in their future growth. This cannot be left to machines.  
Actually, at Holmgaard Management, we have started up a project on how we can contribute to sustainability and diversity, not only concerning gender issues but also in relation to age discrimination, vulnerable employees and people from other cultures.
We think that we as headhunters can make a huge difference, if we want to and set new standards.

InHunt World: Could you tell us a bit more about your previous professional experience Britta?

Britta: In Holmgaard Management, all partners have all many years of experience as leaders and at an executive level. We believe that it is a comparative advantage that we ourselves know about leadership responsibly from real life. Personally, I have worked with recruitment for more than 20 years. I have been executive director and worked as HR Director in several companies. I have also worked with marketing and sales. I have a great passion for recruitment. I find it so fulfilling to meet all these interesting people and also I like being a bit like a detective to make the right match.

InHunt World: What are some of your first impressions of the Network?

Britta: We are very excited to be a part of InHunt World. We have for some time considered being a part of a global network in order to help our customers work across borders. In Denmark, we have numerous SME’s and a lot of them are thinking about how to increase exportation. 2/3 of the Danish employees in the private sector are employed in a SME. We would like to help them in their growth opportunities for the sake of Denmark and for the sake of overall growth. One way of doing so is to ensure that they have the right talents, and we think that by joining InHunt World, we can offer these companies much better opportunities. We also look forward to sharing tools and experiences with our partners. We think that it is very important that our business strives for still better quality and high ethics. InHunt World will make it possible for all of us to be even better, for the benefit of our clients and candidates.

InHunt World has partners and offices in over 40 different countries. Our mission is to help companies expand and grow in the international markets successfully by finding their new key employees. Recruitments abroad can be a headache and a big obstacle when expanding operations to other countries. With us, InHunt World, we will make that problem go away, and you can be sure that finding new team members in the new country will not be an issue.

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    Arash is Director of Operations for InHunt World. His background includes business development, strategic planning and marketing, as well as experience in negotiations, funding, scaling, internationalization, headhunting and venture capital.