Headhunters in Finland can help your company hire top talent

Whether your company is looking to onboard suitable local candidates or plans to recruit globally, headhunters in Finland can help with the recruitment and selection process. Instead of coming up with naught despite investing your precious time and effort, it pays to rely on adept professionals to hire top talent in Finland.

If you are still debating why you should hire headhunters in Finland, knowing what they can do will help you decide. For one, these professionals typically have extensive networks (both local and global) they can tap into to find the best talent for your open positions or new posts that will be created shortly.

Whether you need to fill C-level positions via executive search in Finland or entry-level posts, experienced headhunters can find the most qualified and best-suited candidates for your company and help bring them on board. Headhunting companies in Finland can especially help you find candidates to fill leadership roles, which aren’t easy to fill.

Your business success is tied directly to having the right people in leadership positions. When searching for leadership candidates, you will have to find experienced professionals with the right blend of requisite skills, temperament, and talent, who can have a positive impact on the overall function of your company. But it’s easier said than done, especially when you have to handle a hundred other things to run the business like a well-oiled machine.

No wonder why top Finnish companies trust reputed headhunters with extensive networks and the most successful C-level search services to find the most suitable leadership candidates for them. When you hire the leading headhunters in Finland, you stand to benefit in multiple ways.

Before we take a closer look to understand it all better, let’s try to comprehend a few other important things.

Finland’s Economy and Job Market

Among all Nordic countries, Finland’s job market is the most flexible. And this isn’t just applicable to the capital. The nation’s infrastructure even beyond Helsinki is fantastic, which gives businesses the right impetus to set shop here or expand their venture to the country’s faraway shores.

From energy supply and transport to ICT networks, diverse businesses have found success in Finland, making the prospect of finding your next recruit brighter. Various industries and products are at the forefront of Finnish success, some of which are digital equipment, food services, appliances, vehicles, education, cultural services, and recreation.

Finding a job in Finland is one of the top preferences among global job seekers, thanks to the nation’s thriving, innovative industries that offer these professionals a lot of opportunities to advance their careers and develop requisite skills.

Job seekers desirous of getting jobs in Finland can check the sectors suffering from a skills shortage to check if their experience matches any of these in-demand sectors and roles. In 2022, some of the most popular occupations in Finland are construction, manufacturing, education, healthcare, agriculture, and information technology.

For businesses working with experienced Finland-based headhunters, it helps to have access to an extremely educated and experienced local workforce with high levels of commitment and productivity. Finland’s job market is thriving and if you need proof, the image below says it all!

Finland’s Labour Statistics

Now, let’s turn our focus to how headhunters in Finland can help your company hire top talent.

Speed Up Your Recruitment in Finland

With their valuable guidance and support, headhunters can help you at every step of the hiring process to ensure your company makes the right hiring decisions. From recruiting people for the bottom rungs to filling C-suite positions and almost everything in between, headhunting firms in Finland can handle them all quickly and efficiently.

By helping you reach the right talent (including those who aren’t actively looking for a job or position change), these professionals can help save your company precious time and resources, while ensuring your key positions don’t remain vacant for long.  

If your goal is to fill key positions (existing and those likely to arise in the future) with the best possible candidates, trusting the job to a leading headhunting company in Finland is the best thing to do.

Help Leverage Local Expertise with Global Reach

COVID-19 has changed how companies work, and this is true for Finland as well. With fully remote or hybrid work environments that offer a lot of flexibility, it has become easier to expand your workforce internationally without worrying about visas and the rights to work in foreign countries. If you are looking to fill C-level positions and prefer to bring someone from a remote land on board, working with experienced headhunters can pay you rich dividends.

While making such searches, it’s crucial to be sensitive to any adjustments that the potential candidate might have to make to their style to adapt to a new role and style of work in a foreign country. Adaptability to a new corporate culture is equally vital. It’s important to remember here that personal space is seen as a vital element in Finnish culture and egalitarianism and social liberalism are the norm.

The country’s corporate culture is conservative and business is taken seriously, with no space for socialisation and small talk in corporate functions. All these make it crucial to hire top talent with views that align with the country’s cultural values to avoid the occurrence of clashes and differences down the road.

Make the Most of an Extensive Network and Modern Technology

When you work with headhunters in Finland as your hiring partners, the professionals will establish the requirements of the open or soon-to-be-vacant role and your expectations. They will get a good idea of the overall picture before they start building an initial candidate pool.

Ideally, your headhunters will set certain basic elements related to corporate culture and the potential candidate’s experience and personality to determine if they are suitable for the role and the team.

The use of their extensive professional network and cutting-edge technology at their disposal are other factors that work in favour of headhunters. From specialized local and global recruitment and selection services to constant communication throughout the entire hiring process, your chosen headhunters will identify, reach, run background checks, and assess individuals to present the best talent for hire.

Wrapping Up

To hire top talent in Finland, you need to create an efficient action plan and implement it. When you have an experienced headhunting firm in Finland as your partner, this will become easy-breezy.

Ready to begin onboarding top talent in your company?

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