InHunt World keeps on growing with over 40 countries in its International Headhunting Network. We expand our world-wide partnerships and now we are proud to announce our new Partner for Sweden. Level Recruitment joins our Global Network representing InHunt World in Stockholm, Sweden.

We had the pleasure to interview Christian Smith, for our blog today. A very warm welcome to him and his amazing team from our behalf!

Here is what he told us earlier today:

InHunt World: Welcome to our Network Christian! We are so excited to have a great brand like Level Recruitment join us. Can you please introduce us to LEVEL Recruitment?

Christian: Thank you! Sure, Level Recruitment simply put contributes to adding innovative thinking to the recruitment industry. We are not satisfied with that – we also want to be the best in our specialist field, the very Best!

Making these demands isn’t difficult to do, as the team at Level always strives to perform to the best of their abilities. This is of course fundamental for us.

Sometimes this also means being very demanding towards our clients and applicants. By pushing certain limits, we are also able to achieve better results, which in turn means we can deliver outstanding quality. The result is usually a faster, more cost-efficient process. This benefits our client-base and those who are applying for a position through us.

We strives to be unique. We don’t want to imitate other players in the market – we want them to imitate us. Only then will we have succeeded. To achieve this, we will continue to make every effort to impress to ensure the satisfaction of clients and applicants alike. If our clients are not satisfied, then we most definitely want to know. It will give us a chance to improve.

There has been a significant change in the world of work during the many years that we have been working in the recruiting industry. The evolution of technology has had a huge impact on the way we recruit and Employer Branding, is an even more relevant topic today. New services have arrived on the market, while others have disappeared.

It is an exciting journey for us to continue to follow closely. However, what has remained constant and is not likely to change over time, is that individuals within companies create the success in business – the right person must be in the right place. It may sound simple, but there is so much that needs to happen for it to be so. We think we have a fair idea of what is needed in order for companies to succeed in this. We are good at what we do, and we know how to efficiently match the top talents with the most interesting and challenging positions on the market.

Being able to bring together companies and people with the same values, that can develop and challenge each other, is incredibly stimulating! Accurate matching, where the right candidate with his or her drive and commitment, can lift an organization to the next level, and become a role model for other people, gives us a huge kick – every time… Our experience with high-end recruitments, our thorough search process, and our close and personal collaboration with our customers during the whole process is the way we ensure a successful recruitment.

InHunt World: Could you tell us a bit more about your previous professional experience Christian?

Christian: Of course, I have worked in the recruitment industry since 2003 and I truly love the sector. I started my experience in London and after 3 years there, I decided to move back to Sweden to continue working in the recruitment field. I have worked for Level Recruitment for almost 12 years now, it’s been an exciting journey. Apart from being involved in most HeadHunting cases, I also cover the Recruitment Consultancy area and I am in charge of the Sales Division at Level also. I have a Master in Social and Economics.

InHunt World: What are some of your first impressions of the Network?

Christian: Our first impressions of InHunt World is that it seems a very professional and well-organized network with a global spread. We are happy to be able to offer our clients a more international experience. Sweden has a relatively small population, therefore companies here very often need to expand quickly towards newer markets as soon as they reach a certain size. We are also sure we will be gathering new ideas and tools, sharing the experience with other Partners. We are very excited, I am sure it will be a great opportunity for all.

InHunt World has partners and offices in over 40 different countries. Our mission is to help companies expand and grow in the international markets successfully by finding their new key employees. Recruitments abroad can be a headache and a big obstacle when expanding operations to other countries. With us, InHunt World, we will make that problem go away, and you can be sure that finding new team members in the new country will not be an issue.

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