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It’s no secret that China is a massive market. With more than 1.4 billion people, it is the second-largest economy in the world and is experiencing rapid growth, fueled by its manufacturing sector and construction. The country’s export industry has become an important part of its economy, which makes it attractive to foreign companies looking for new markets.

JAC Recruitment forms part of InHunt World’s global network of headhunters and executive search professionals helping their clients find the best talent in South Korea.

About JAC Recruitment

JAC Recruitment are experts in executive search and headhunting with many years of experience in finding top talent in China and other countries in Asia and the rest of the world. We focus on helping both local and international companies expand their workforce within China by sourcing the best candidates to fit the open position.

We understand that recruiting the right candidate is not only about finding the right skill set, but also about finding someone who will fit and excel in the company.

shanghai night view from the oriental pearl tower

The Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, China

Executive Search

We provide executive search services helping our clients attract exceptional leaders and managers in China. We also help international companies expand into China by finding top talent to grow their team and helping them through the entire recruitment process.

Our team of executive search experts and recruiters have many years of experience in sourcing and placing thousands of leading executives. We have profound knowledge of many industries and an extensive network of contacts in all sectors.

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    We offer headhunting, executive search and other recruitment-related services.

    We offer our services to organizations looking to recruit in China but have an extensive network which also allows us to source candidates for positions in other countries in Asia and throughout the rest of the world.

    We have a strong team with experience in a variety of different sectors. For more information please contact us so we can go through your requirements.

    Headhunting in China

    The headhunting and executive search markets in China are booming, with a growing number of businesses turning to headhunters to recruit employees.

    The benefits of using headhunters are simply that they save time and money while providing a great service and attracting outstanding professionals to fill any role. Headhunters can immediately identify the best candidates for an open position, so companies don’t have to spend time on an extensive search process themselves. They also make sure that the candidate fits into the company’s culture and mission, so there is no risk of hiring someone who won’t fit in.

    cityscape of beijing at night

    Cityscape of Beijing, China at night

    Headhunting and executive search firms in China have been around for decades, but interest has grown significantly in recent years as more employers look for ways to streamline their hiring processes. The market is expected to continue growing as Chinese businesses grow internationally and need employees who can navigate both domestic and international markets.

    Additionally, headhunters can also help foreign companies expand into China by providing them with qualified candidates who have experience working in a Chinese environment and can understand the cultural nuances that make doing business in China so different from doing business in other countries.

    If you are looking to grow your workforce in China get in touch today and we will be happy to go through your requirements.