Unitemp LLC - Partner of InHunt World in Ukraine

If you have a need for new quality hire in Ukraine, Unitemp LLC will be the right answer and partner for you.


The mission of Unitemp is to be responsible for success of our customers in each individual case.

Working at the junction of employerís and employeeís interests, we guarantee precision, accuracy and high efficiency for both sides. Due consideration of your case provides us with confidence of its successful completion.

We are a reliable experienced partner with a good history of domestic and international success. We’ve got several offices in Ukraine.

Due to our many years of involvement in Work and Travel programs the core of our database is young creative highly educated people with broad outlook and craving for work in international companies. If you are looking for a fresh blood for your company – your best bet is Unitemp!

We are highly skilled to carry out search and training for middle and senior staff in plenty of spheres. With our headhunting expertise you can count on highly-qualified engineers, builders, designers, IT-specialists, factory and plant workers and other candidates of your dream.

In a lot of countries, Ukrainians have already proved to be hardworking and responsible workers who are invited by their employers again and again. That is one more huge argument why we are so confident in what we do.

Contact Unitemp by using this contact form and you will receive an answer in 24h.