InHunt World doesn’t stop, actually we are just getting started! Our brand new Marketing Plan is finally ready and we are officially launching it January 11th. We keep on growing our world-wide partnerships and we are already active in 34 countries. We are very happy  that Luso Basto Recursos Humanos is joining our Global Headhunting Network and representing InHunt World for Portugal.

We had the pleasure to interview Leonor Pereira for our blog today. An incredibly warm welcome to her and all of the Luso Basto team from our behalf! Here is what she told us earlier today:

“Luso Basto is a service company and also one of the main Portuguese Human Resources Services provider. With headquarters in the north of Portugal, it began operating in 2006 and in its first years, due to previous business cases, Luso Basto was mainly focused on the Belgium Market. Due to the success achieved in the Belgium market, Luso Basto expands its services to other European Markets. As a result, Luso Basto specialized in the creation of flexible and secure methods, for placing international candidates in order to reach full customer’s satisfaction, no matter where they operate.

With a group of professionals that counts with an extensive experience in recruitment, selection and international placements of the best human resources, Luso Basto Recursos Humanos ensures the quality of its services through the best practices in HR, management and the application of methods suited to the needs of today’s modern world. Luso basto believes that the success of an organization comes from the correct management of its human resources.

Since the selection of the right candidate to the optimization of the performance of its tasks, it is essential to deliver the greatest effort in increasing service quality, productivity and reducing costs.

Luso Basto is providing simple and generalized solutions from the most complex to the most customized, providing services to its clients with a true and complete 360° HR service with great experience, professionalism and competence.”

InHunt World: Could you tell us a bit more about your previous professional experience?

I have a Degree in Human Resources Managment and over 15 years of experience spearheading comprehensive HR functions in small and medium sized national and international companies in the field. I have a wide experience offering temporary work solutions and specializing in recruitment services, I have worked for Egor Group, Randstad, Select Vedior Group and since 2009 I joined Luso Basto RH here in Braga, in the north of Portugal. I am very happy here.

Throughout my career, I have managed recruitment procedures to some of the most distinct markets such as Portugal, France, Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands and Egypt. I covered most HR Consulting tasks for instance: staff coaching, the design of administrative processes and morale-boosting practices for the teams.

In all of the companies I worked, my focus has always been establishing a solid and trusting partnerships through exceptional relationship-building skills, a highly positive energy and interpersonal abilities to secure employee and management’s trust.

I also collaborate as an independent consultant for certain foreign countries. I work to integrate in Portugal, certain work forces we need from non-European countries: eg. from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal or India.

InHunt World: What are some of your first impressions of the Network?

Receiving the invitation to join InHunt World has been very satisfying and exciting. It is a great opportunity that allows us to connect with people and expand our network of contacts. I believe that building and nurturing relationships, showing openness and trust and having interpersonal skills to build a reputation and a solid credibility is an obligation and an integral part of our business strategy.

We hope to always be able to contribute with values and integrity and to be open and transparent with all members. It is very gratifying to be able to belong to a network of people who transmit instant connectivity to us because they work in the HR sector and go through similar problems on daily basis. We believe that we can contribute with our knowledge in the Portuguese market and that together we will build a long-term connection.

Thanks so much to Leonor Pereira, Senior HR Consultant at Luso Basto Recursos Humanos.

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Michael Thorp has over a decade of experience in the recruitment industry. Throughout his career, he has held various roles and gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field. He has a strong track record of success in helping businesses and start-ups find the right talent to support their growth and success.