2020 has been for sure a Different year, hasn’t it? Perhaps this year we should not go through everything that happened during this year in too much detail. Our dearest hope is that we can all focus also on the positive things that we are sure must have happened in these last 365 days as well as some less fortunate ones.

Maybe we will all appreciate a bit more small pleasures such as gathering together in the warmth of our homes, around a nice Christmas table. Maybe we can appreciate the support and company we received via Zoom from our friends. Perhaps we started to interact more with our neighbours and disvored that we have many more things in common with them than we thought. Some of us might be enjoying now, not commuting for long to work and having more time to dedicate to other matters instead of transport.

Whatever is your specific case, from InHunt World, we want to wish you and your dear ones, our most heartfelt desires for you to have a fantastic 2020 Christmas Holidays this year.

We all very much need it I believe.

Regarding us, we will also take a few days off and enjoy some time in the sauna, snack some joulutorttu and piparkakku and recharge our batteries in order to start 2021 in the best of the ways, with our batteries fully replenished and ready to take on the new year.

We also would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the team behind InHunt World that makes this network possible. Of course, our dear and highly valued Partners all over this spinning rock, that make this International Network possible and thanks to whom we were able to completely redesign the experience and offer a fresher InHunt World 2.0 .

A huge Thank You (Kiitos!) to all of our colleagues back in Helsinki and all around Finland, that from InHunt Group support and help us here at InHunt World Operational Headquarters down in Madrid.

Thank you for your amazing work and never ending support.

Our gratitude, also goes to the many international companies that choose InHunt World to help them find executives and managers across the globe. We are proud to be receiving international requests more and more and to be able to assist you thanks to our strong network in more than 30 countries worldwide.

We dearly hope that you will enjoy this Winter break and recharge your batteries together with friends and family, reflect on all the good things that 2020, also surely brought to you and write down many new year’s resolution for the upcoming new year. May all your wishes come true.

From InHunt World, Merry Christmas….

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