InHunt Group launched its brand-new international headhunting network “InHunt World” in the beginning of 2017.

InHunt World started to see daylight in 2016 when the idea of a completely new international headhunting network concept in which digitalization would play a central role started to arise. This combined with local knowledge and “know-how” is something that hadn’t been seen before in the headhunting world.

In the summer of 2016 things started to speed up as the business planning phase took place and In January 2017 InHunt Group launched its network InHunt World, which already covered 15 countries with 13 Partners. Now, half a year later, InHunt World covers 19 countries including important markets such as the USA, China and India.

As the concept proved to be successful and great interest towards the new concept was shown, the founders of the company decided to expand further and started to search for a CEO for InHunt World. The right candidate was expected to have broad international experience and a background in the headhunting world in order to achieve both short- and long-term objectives. The target is to cover 30 countries by 2018 and 40 countries by 2019. In 2025 the goal is that InHunt World is one of the leading international headhunting networks in the world.

“In many countries, we’ve been able to convince local headhunting companies that we wanted to become part of InHunt World. Local headhunting companies have shown a great interest immediately after the first contact and especially when explaining our business model and long-term objectives. And the simple reason for this is that we are doing something different which is something that the headhunting world hasn’t seen before,” explains Teemu Ruuska who has been in charge of InHunt World development and expansion.


Jan-Erik Lagerström, the new CEO of InHunt World

Since the beginning, the clear first choice was Senior Headhunter Jan-Erik Lagerström, who joined InHunt Group in August 2016. Jan-Erik has vast international experience and a proven track record in change management, business and revenue management, sales & marketing, eCommerce, CRM, loyalty programs and business operations. Additionally, after being part of InHunt Group since August 2016 he has had time to get a good picture and understanding of the headhunting business in general.

“Since we started the CEO search, Jan-Erik was our number one choice. Of course, in the beginning, we weren’t sure if he would even be interested although we had a strong positive feeling about it. His great personality, business background and make-things-happen kind of attitude are the qualities we like a lot about him. Also, the fact that he is already one of us, knows our people, how we work and what we want to become globally, will shorten the adaptation time. We don’t need to use time with him to cover up the basics and we can really start to work from day one,” comments Hannu Mänty, Chairman of the Board of InHunt Group.

Although InHunt World has achieved a lot in a short time, there are still many walls to climb. Also, the expectations for the new CEO are high and not just executing the established strategy, but also bringing new ideas to the table.

“I see great potential within the international headhunting industry with the help of digitalization as the world is becoming more transparent. Our approach and services are exceptional and I see them as crucial for companies that are planning to expand internationally. All of our partners are locally hand-picked and representing the top consultants of each country, so I am truly honoured and excited to work together with these professionals.

Furthermore, I am looking forward to find new partners that would benefit from our network in countries where we don’t yet have a local partner. For our customers this is probably the best help they can imagine getting when looking for staff in new countries,” says Jan-Erik Lagerström, CEO of InHunt World.

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Jan-Erik Lagerström, CEO of InHunt World, +358 40 539 43 39

Hannu Mänty, Chairman of the board of InHunt Group, +358 400 172 172

Jan-Erik Lagerström, CEO, InHunt World

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