In this blog series, we are going to interview all our Partners and learn how the pandemic is affecting different countries around the globe.

TARGET Headhunting has been part of InHunt World since it was launched.

TARGET Headhunting has three offices in Denmark and has been helping companies in their home market since 2009.

Last week, we had a chance to talk with Carsten (CEO of TARGET Headhunting) and we asked him few questions:

First of all, how are you? We hope that you and your family have stayed healthy during this pandemic.

We have until this moment no problem.

How’s Denmark at the moment, or how has it been the last 6 – 7 months?

The market has been touched a lot but now after the summer holidays we are on our way back to normal – but just on our way! The market is still very unstable – the normal is that there is no normal situation.

And what about business and the general atmosphere?

Most companies are still worried, but still, it’s fragmented how people see the situation – some of them are doing very well, but again others are about to reorganize.

How the companies are holding up, have there been a lot of layoffs?

Yes, many layoffs, but again, it’s very differentiated, and we are still below the level from this springtime.

How do you see the end of 2020? And what about 2021?

Sorry to say, but in general – it’s all depending on the pandemic.

What do you think about the future? What is going to be the biggest difference in Denmark in you compare to the situation before the pandemic and the possible situation after?

I am not worried, but it’s just because we have a great network within all industries/branches build-up during the last 20 years – something comes up that ́s for sure. We know that, but we don’t have the right feeling about the level of activity.

The Pandemic has been an eye-opener for how to deal with people in a new way from a general point of view – but not as a headhunter – we still need to sit down face to face to discuss the profile and the specific situation for each company.

What kind of roles do you think companies are going to need the most after the pandemic?

Within the economy, Controlling and Sales.

Do you think there’s some big difference before and after COVID regarding recruitment and headhunting?

We have to deliver on time – the right candidate is now more than ever important to find, and we have been capable enough to challenge the leadership

What tips would you have for foreign job seekers who would like to come and work in Denmark?

He or she has to speak at least English fluently and have to know something about the culture, especially about the leadership style in Denmark.

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