Senior International Business Developer (M, F, D)

Oslo, Norway

InHunt World is looking for a Sales Manager to form part of our core team as one of our first employees. This role is a pure Sales position – driving both Business Development (finding new opportunities in Norway but also abroad) and growing and maintaining current accounts (upselling, sideselling, maintaining and growing the current client base) to achieve our business goals.

You, as a person: 

  • You truly love Sales and feel extremely comfortable doing it consistently.
  • You are a passionate person, and care about combining human technology and empathy
  • You are highly driven and proactive – you make things happen
  • You practise committed ownership – you own your projects from beginning to end, you ask for buy-in to make better decisions, but aren’t paralyzed without it.
    When things go wrong, you accept accountability for your part without blaming others, and share your learnings openly
  • You are detail & process oriented
  • You are a proactive communicator and team player
  • You appreciate learning and growing. You are humble.
  • You are able to work remotely while maintaining focus and performance
  • Equal parts human / analytical

 You, as an expert: 

  • Have 5 or more years proven experience in direct sales
  • Provable track record of your previous sales performance
  • Effective written communicator 
  • Strong data orientation / analytical skills
  • Plus: you self-define as someone who gets things done.

InHunt World Perks: 

  • Starting Nov 2023 the job is 100% remote, 100% flexible
  • International and Human work environment
  • Unlimited vacation
  • Unique culture: humans first, unicorn dreams second 
  • Elegant 120m2 offices in central Oslo (Karl Johan)
  • Leadership opportunity to impact the company direction as one of the first employees
  • International team with top talents
  • Time flexibility. You decide how much and when to work
  • We encourage your growth and reading. You can buy books and we will pay for them. Even novels
  • Pet friendly office
  • Being part of an exciting and innovative global startup

About InHunt World

Our values are: Transparency, Truth, Service excellence, Truly Caring, Mutual Support, Personal Growth. We are the largest Finnish Headhunting Company (InHunt Group) since 2008. InHunt World is the international branch offering Executive Search and Headhunting in 48 countries. We collaborate with the top Headhunting firms in various regions, this model is able to provide the best Glocal expertise with final prices that are reasonable for clients. Headhunting and Recruitment is significantly changing, especially after the Pandemic. Now more and more jobs are remote and SMEs and Startups need quicker solutions and HR consulting, with more affordable costs. 

That’s nice, what do you do, though? 

  • Sales: This is a highly on the field Sales Job. So a high level of entrepreneurial independence is required. We will offer you the ability to do teamwork and we will train you along the way so you are never alone. But it is a very result oriented Job. Once you find your own routine that respects your rhythm, you will have very little limits on how much you can earn each month. 
  • Headhunting:  This is optional, but after 6 months we will also offer you the opportunity to train you as a Professional Headhunter, you will therefore be able, if you want, to create business opportunities (Sales) and then also deliver the service, literally doubling your income on those cases you sell. You will always be supported by a large team behind you, so little margins of error are possible. We got your back. 

InHunt World offers professional Headhunting Services from A to Z (sometimes companies also need accounting, legal contracts, employee of record, relocation services together with the recruitment. We like to help) to international companies needing to expand to new regions. We generally help hiring CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Country Managers and Sales Directors. We specialise in the first employee in a new country for companies doing well and needing to expand abroad.

Our customers: 

We work generally with SMEs and Startups with 50+ employees with 1M€+ of yearly turnover. We work with many different industries, IT recruitments are still a minority of our recruitments, but growing. So we don’t really specialise in any specific industry or sector, nor position. As we are in 48 countries, 72 offices and 653 headhunters, we can always provide an expert on the position and an expert in that industry. 

Our team: 

  • The Managing Director is based in Oslo, Norway. Marketing is in India and in Finland we have 8 offices and 40 headhunters. 
  • The 2 founders are in Helsinki and the MD reports to them monthly. 
  • In Finland you have your main colleagues but we also collaborate with 48 other countries. They are not precisely part of InHunt World, but you can always work from their offices and they are “sort of” your colleagues. 
  • 72 offices in total, 653 total Headhunters across 48 countries. 
  • We also have a back office team in Manila, that helps us with Admin and makes our Sales work easier and more efficient.

Apply today: 

Feel free to visit and send your CV and cover letter to First step is a video call informal chat, then a one hour still informal interview at our office in central Oslo (Karl Johan street). Please apply if you truly LOVE sales. Let’s have a chat!