Yesterday the Board of Directors of InHunt World appointed Teemu Ruuska as the new CEO. Former CEO Jan-Erik Lagerström will continue as a partner and member of the Board.

“We thank Janne and wish Teemu good luck with the new challenges. InHunt World has expanded rapidly to 33 countries, and now it’s time for the next steps. We are intensifying cooperation between the countries, providing tools, and giving support in every possible way.

Teemu is a natural choice for the CEO, as he has had a key role in InHunt World since its very beginning. InHunt World is headquartered in Finland, but Teemu’s home is in Madrid, and it’s the perfect location for us, considering distances, for example, to some key Central European countries. We have just hired Arash Palizban as a new Partner Director to develop our Partner network, and he also lives in Madrid. So we now have a team in place there, and the idea is to grow it very soon,” says Kari Juutilainen, Chairman of the Board of InHunt World.

“InHunt World is in a very interesting situation right now. While the global pandemic has brought major challenges for everyone, it has also brought our Partners closer. Everyone has a desire to help each other, and everyone understands that this situation will be handled much better together.

Arash’s involvement and hiring was also a completely right decision from us, and we have already seen a lot of positive things happening in a very short time. From this, it’s excellent to continue and already start looking towards 2021, for which we all have very high expectations,” says Teemu Ruuska, the new CEO of InHunt World.

More information:

Kari Juutilainen, +358 40 658 4242,

Teemu Ruuska, +34 674 429 997,