At a first glance, this might sound like an obvious question. The whole world became digitalized decades ago, so of course, we would need more programmers and software developers on this planet. Many argue that technology created far more jobs than how many it could have replaced by automating human work. Whether it actually is like this or not, it is probably hard to tell, but let’s dig in on a few reasons for which IT Developers and Software Engineers are in such high demand.

It is a whole sector, not just one position

First of all, we should start by saying that IT Development is a whole sector by itself. Similar to how working in Marketing can probably mean 30 or 50 different job responsibilities, the same happens in IT. You can be a software architect, Java Developer, System Analyst, Data Management expert and the list goes on and on. There are many different coding languages, which have different functions and rules. Some of them are for example:
Javascript, Python, Go, Java, Kotlin, PHP, C#, Swift, Ruby, C and C++, Matlab, among others.

The Demand is 10X the current offer

As you know at InHunt World, we assist companies worldwide in recruiting IT developers of any sort, in over 45 countries worldwide. Many companies worldwide try to expand their IT hiring horizons by actually opening new physical offices in other countries. Of course, there are hundreds that work with fully remote teams, but often Software Developers can actually afford the luxury to demand a full regular employee contract in their local country. Working as a freelance contractor has its perks, but ultimately if you have literally the entire world trying to recruit you, why not become picky?
According to our estimations, there is currently a 10 to 1, demand-offer ratio.
Paying super-high salaries, that became old 10 years ago for IT developers. Now there is a minimum a company should offer as a salary, but we noticed that other aspects like Company Values, work-life balance, environmental sustainability, capacity to be trained and learn new skills, working on meaningful projects and services, the look and feel of the office, team activities and most importantly the company’s mission and vision.

The world’s economy is shifting in that direction

Do you remember back in the 90’s when we had to go all the way to the electronic appliances shop to buy our favourite Word editor software, in a CD-Rom format? Doesn’t it feel silly now? Yes, it does, and that is because companies spent decades and billions figuring out how to make our life easier, especially while buying products or services.
So e-commerce and delivery became the new norm and guess what? There is an army of UX designers and Software architects behind all that. Most software became SaaS (Software as a Service) so it is faster to install, upgrade and maintain. All at the tip of your fingers, with one click.

It is a valuable career transition path

Information Technology is expanding in so many areas that you can probably find a way to connect your previous job experience. Many companies started internal branded Academies where they select motivated people from all sectors, usually 20+ or 40+ professionals that want to change industry, and they train them from A to Z to become entry-level IT Programmers. They can directly hire them at the end of the process, which is usually free of charge. Many people are considering entering the world of Technology, there are more avenues that you can think of. For example, if you work in IT Recruitment, you won’t need to necessarily work with coding all day long. You would be working interviewing people, you will simply need to have a general understanding of how those specific skills and abilities work.

At InHunt World, in collaboration with FinHunt and InHunt Group, we have the capacity to assist your company with International World-Class IT Recruitment. From Senior complex roles all the way to entry-level developers. We have helped since 2008 over 250+ companies worldwide with their IT Staff expansion in more than 23 countries, mostly in Europe and North America.

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