InHunt Group - Partner of InHunt World in Finland

If you have a need for new quality hire in Finland, InHunt Group will be the right answer and partner for you.


InHunt Group was founded in 2008 and is Finland’s largest headhunting company. InHunt Group has a group of 25 headhunters in seven offices in different cities in Finland: Vantaa / Helsinki, Lahti, Turku, Tampere, Kuopio, Vaasa & Oulu.

Large group of headhunters will ensure that InHunt Group can always provide the right kind of headhunting knowledge to solve challenges related to recruiting a new person.

In 2015 InHunt Group’s net sales in Finland amounted to more than € 2,5M ending up to execute hundreds of direct searches on different levels.

InHunt Group is a great choice if you are looking a partner in Finland to solve your recruiting challenges.

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