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For over a decade, Level Recruitment has been a leading provider of high-quality executive search and headhunting services in Stockholm and the whole of Sweden.

Our team of experienced professionals has a track record of success in helping local companies find the top talent they need to achieve their business goals. We carefully assess candidates through personality tests and other metrics to find the best fit for every position.

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Management and Executive-level Positions

Executive Search

As a leading executive search firm, we are committed to helping companies in finding the best candidates for their leadership team. We have the expertise to identify and recruit top executive talent, based on our vast experience working with businesses from a variety of industries and locations.

Our extensive network of contacts and personalised approach to each search enables us to help resolve the unique hiring challenges that businesses face when looking to hire executive talent.

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What People Are Saying

Our Clients

“The process was very intuitive and linear and we were able to complete the cases a bit sooner than the timeline they initially indicated.

I would recommend InHunt World to any mid-sized companies that are looking for a one-stop solution for multiple searches in Europe.”

Timo Hellgren
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How It Works

Our Three Step Headhunting Process

Step 1

Contact us with the details of the position you need to fill.

Step 2

We work with you to define job descriptions, clarify expectations and establish timelines.

Step 3

Based on your requirements we provide a proposal that will meet all your objectives.

The Personal Touch

Meet Christian

christian of level recruitment in sweden

Christian Smith is Sales Director and Recruitment Consultant at Level and is responsible for their largest clients in the Nordic market.

Christian is also responsible for the budgeting, staffing, and the overall smooth running of their operations.

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If you are looking to expand your business operations in Sweden, we are here to help. Our team of highly qualified headhunters has a proven track record of assisting businesses through the hiring process and meeting objectives.

Simply fill out the form with your details and we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss how we can work with you to grow your team and help your business in reaching its full potential.


    Local Knowledge

    Sweden is well-known for its strong work ethic and high quality of life, making it an attractive location for business growth. However, the competitive job market in Sweden can make it difficult to find qualified candidates.

    We have the local knowledge and expertise to assist companies expanding into Sweden by gaining access to top talent that would otherwise be unavailable through traditional recruitment methods.

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    Our Office in Stockholm

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    Don't settle for mediocre talent. Let us help you find the best candidates available

    Your Questions Answered

    We cover a range of different sectors but specialize in construction, engineering, finance, HR, technology, sales and marketing.

    We are based in Stockholm and work primarily helping local and international companies find talent in Sweden and the Nordic region.

    However, our extensive global network allow us to recruit for positions in many countries around the world.

    Yes. We offer a 3 months guarantee period from the date your new employee starts actually working for you actively. If for any reason, you don’t see them perfectly fit for the position or they ends up quitting unexpectedly, we will repeat the full process for your company free of charge.

    This is clearly stated in the contract you sign. We also follow up closely in the first 12 months of employment, to make sure the new employee is happy or if the company should also adjust some details to ensure a higher retention rate.