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France’s economy is one of the largest in the European Union, and the country is one of the most popular destinations for international business expansion.

GRANIT RH forms part of InHunt World’s global network of headhunters and executive search professionals with offices in Paris and Lyon. We have a strong team of skilled executive search consultants who have an excellent track record and create added value for all our clients thanks to many years of experience in the industry.


GRANIT RH is the perfect solution for any business looking for headhunters in France. We provide executive search and recruitment services in bother France and abroad.

We search and select qualified candidates for a wide variety of roles including executive positions, managers and specialists. We care about delivering a quality service to all our clients with a strong focus on building long-term relationships to help companies recruit talent and prosper in France.

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The Seine river in Paris

Our local expertise and knowledge of the recruitment sector in France allow us to add even more value to international companies who are looking to expand into France. In addition to executive search, we can also assist with the entire recruitment process.

We offer specific monitoring for each search with a detailed analysis of position and context, and we implement validated search and selection tools to ensure that our clients receive the best possible results.

Executive Search and Recruitment Process

Our executive search and recruitment process consist of five main phases:

  • Requirements
    We analyze the context of the search and create a detailed specification of both the position and candidate.
  • Sourcing
    Based on the specification we identify the best strategic approach for sourcing best talent.
  • Selection
    We interview and verify the skills of candidates to find the best ones for the position.
  • Presentation
    We build and present a short list of the most candidates.
  • Follow-up
    We support the integration of the new employee to ensure they have the best possible start in their new role.


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    You find below some of the common questions we are asked. If you cannot find the answer to your question then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist with your enquiry.

    We offer a range of executive search services for executives, specialists and management roles.

    We are based in Paris and Lyon so focus our headhunting services mainly in France, however, we have an extensive network in different countries around the world and have successfully helped many clients abroad.

    We cover all sectors and with a particular focus on design, manufacturing, information technology, sales, management, finance the legal sector and more.

    Sorry, we are not accepting general applications from candidates at this time.

    Headhunting in France

    France is a country with a strong work ethic and a rich history of entrepreneurship. However, there are some obstacles to finding employees in France that international companies expanding into the country should be aware of.

    The French government has very strict laws around hiring, which makes it difficult for companies to find qualified candidates.

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    The Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris, France

    The good news is that headhunters, executive search firms and specialist recruiters can help international companies overcome these challenges by providing them with access to the best candidates available for their open positions. Headhunters know how to navigate France’s complex hiring practices and can help you hire great employees who will be able to thrive in their new environment!

    If you need the help of a headhunting specialist for your recruitment search in France contact us and we will be happy to run through your requirements.