Tom Laine, a Finnish LinkedIn guru, will in January give one tip every single day on his webpage.


A couple of weeks ago one of his posts on LinkedIn about the importance of the candidate experience caught my attention. As a result, I went to his page and took a closer look. When I started to read the article, it turned out that it was not just one interesting fact, but a long list of different facts regarding the change in recruitment.


Here you will find a few interesting facts about how the change has already started and how it will continue:


  1. 86% of HR professionals agree that recruitment is becoming more like marketing. (iCIMS2016)


  1. Companies believe that social media marketing will be the most in-demand HR skill by 2020, with the second being data analysis, followed by predictive modelling skills. (CareerArc2017)


  1. Nearly 60% of candidates have had a poor candidate experience and 72% of them shared that experience either online or with someone directly. (CareerArc, 2017)


  1. Candidates trust employees 3x more than the employer to provide information on working at the company. (LinkedIn, 2016)


  1. 78% of candidates say the overall candidate experience they get is an indicator of how a company values its people. (Talent Adore2017).



For myself, some of these were already familiar, but there were also a couple of new ones. All in all, those facts only reinforce the idea that recruitment is genuinely in the midst of a huge change, and this requires both HR professionals and companies to seriously think about renewing their processes and mindset if they want to compete for the best talent in the future.


You can find the original article and more interesting facts here:



Teemu Ruuska
InHunt World

Teemu is a Director of InHunt World and has been working in recruitment and headhunting industry since 2009. Teemu is from Finland and came to Spain in 2014 to set up and open new headhunting offices in Madrid and later in Barcelona. Since 2016 Teemu has been focusing to design, create and run the new InHunt World International Headhunting Network which already covers over 30 countries.



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