Overcome hiring challenges with RaaS
Overcome hiring challenges with RaaS

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When your business starts growing steadily, hiring on your own could increasingly become challenging. Initially, you or your organisation’s management can handle all the recruiting but as growth kicks in, this won’t be sustainable in the long run. At this stage, you – as the business owner, must find more effective ways to attract and hire top talent. By partnering with a RaaS (Recruitment as a Service) provider, you can delegate all recruiting-related tasks to a third-party provider, who will handle them proficiently.

Why Hire a RaaS Provider?

A competent RaaS provider can offer your organisation several benefits, such as:

  • Assessment of your business needs with respect to a specific position
  • Development of tailored requirements for candidates
  • Gathering applications from prospective candidates and vetting their CVs
  • Conducting skill checks and technical interviews
  • Onboarding and training of talent

Sometimes, your RaaS provider could also act as an Employer of Record. When you partner with a credible RaaS vendor, your organisation can overcome major concerns in hiring, such as building a talent pipeline, hiring high-quality candidates, hiring with speed, and hiring for niche skills. Whether you are an MNC or a steadily growing mid-sized company, working with a RaaS provider can give your business a competitive edge.

Organisations that can’t afford a full-fledged in-house HR and recruitment team can also benefit from a RaaS provider as it gives them the ability to still hire the best-suited candidates for their vacancies.

If you are ready to work with a RaaS provider and want to know how to effectively implement RaaS, here are the top five strategies you should focus on.

Top 5 Strategies that Can Help in Effective RaaS Implementation 

1.      Take Steps for Seamless Collaboration between Your Organisation and the RaaS Team

You and your in-house HR team should help your RaaS partner understand your business’s hiring requirements and what you seek from your talent acquisition strategy. It’s equally important to ensure the RaaS solutions that are designed for you are scalable and a good fit for your organisation and processes.

Neither you nor your RaaS provider can work in isolation if you need flexible, customised, and quick hiring. Thus, it’s essential to have seamless collaboration between you and your RaaS vendor for successful and sustainable hiring.

2.      Check for Adequate Industry Experience and Knowledge

Your chosen RaaS provider should have a team of experienced recruiters who specialise in your industry or job functions. Additionally, they should have a thorough understanding of your specific hiring needs. All of these can help ensure the right candidates are being sourced and hired.

Whether you need 10 people or a hundred, your RaaS partner should be able to use its expertise, extensive and dedicated talent networks, and modern technology to find you the people you need.

3.      Focus on Data-Driven Recruitment

A RaaS vendor that has rigorous methodologies and bespoke automated solutions in place can help you reach, vet, and hire the best-suited talent quickly and cost-effectively. It becomes important to ask how your RaaS provider uses automation tools and software for data analysis and get insights to make informed, objective decisions when short-listing candidates.

Be it monitoring the sources from where you receive your applications and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to the calculation of your cost per hire, resume screening, skill assessment, conducting job interviews, onboarding, and more, data-driven hiring can make the entire process of recruitment more effective.

4.      Ensure Prompt Response to Candidates for a Positive Candidate Experience

Prompt recruiter responsiveness is vital to building a positive candidate experience. Your RaaS partner should be prompt and proactive in responding to applicants. It helps if they have customised workflows that let them set up interviews fast and respond to candidates easily and quickly, making hiring seamless.

It would be prudent to join hands with a RaaS partner that can work as an extension of your business and offer support in candidate onboarding as well. This way, from sourcing talent to getting it within the fold, everything can be handled timely by your RaaS provider without causing frustration and annoyance to candidates due to long wait times or zero communication. 

5.      Check for Customised Hiring Solutions

Instead of offering you a one-size-fits-all solution, your RaaS provider must be able to tailor its services to meet your unique hiring requirements. It shouldn’t be just about finding someone to fill the vacant position. It should be all about understanding your business and aligning with your needs.

Customised hiring solutions not just find the best skilled and experienced professional for the open position but also check if the person is the right cultural fit. Thus, a tailored hiring process followed by your RaaS provider would mean employing better-suited candidates and enjoying a reduced turnover. This way, you can save money and time, which would have otherwise gone towards rehiring and retraining the new hires.

Final Words

The RaaS model can benefit quickly-growing small and medium-sized companies to big enterprises struggling to meet their hiring needs. If you too are finding it tough to recruit suitable talent for your organisation’s vacant posts, partnering with a RaaS vendor could be just what you need.

Whether you hire sporadically, seasonally, or for temporary, short-term projects, a competent RaaS partner can make hiring more seamless, faster, and easier than if you were doing it on your own.

If you are ready to bring a RaaS vendor on board to meet your organisation’s hiring needs, reach us at InHunt World today!

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