A headhunter congratulating a candidate on her success in the job interview
A headhunter congratulating a candidate on her success in the job interview

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If your business is struggling to meet its staffing needs or can’t just succeed in recruiting the top talent despite its best efforts, perhaps it’s time to look for a solution. Not sure what it is? Partnering with a headhunting firm!

But if you thought headhunters can simply help you recruit the right candidates, think again. These professionals can do a lot more for your business than just find the ideal candidates for your company’s vacant (or soon-to-be vacant or newly created) posts.

Here are five ways a headhunting firm can add value to your business.

1.     Offer an Outside Perspective

When you are running a business, sometimes you may get involved in the smaller details so much that you miss focusing on the bigger picture. When you can’t see the forest for the trees, bringing a headhunting firm can help you get a fresh perspective on your business and hiring processes. Adept headhunters could even suggest new and innovative ideas to find and hire suitable candidates.

Competent headhunters can take an objective view of your overall organisational structure to counsel you. They can also recommend potential organisational solutions that could help you to utilise your talent pool better. Your headhunting firm could even expose you to solutions you might not have considered before or those that the firm knows are already working successfully for other businesses.

2.     Suggest Creative Hiring Solutions

Imagine your business is looking for a developer who can handle some database administrator tasks and a few other things. This means what you seek is a person to handle 2+ roles. Finding a professional with all those skills could be a really tough task.

Your headhunters could help you evaluate what your real needs are. How much of database administrator tasks do you need to be done in a week? Could you hire someone part-time, say 2-3 days a week, to handle them? If yes, it can free up your hiring budget and headcount for a developer with those other skills your business needs. This way, a headhunting firm could often recommend creative solutions to help you use your hiring budget more effectively.

3.     Help Save Your Business Money

Whether it’s a hard-to-fill executive post or an entry-level role, meeting your hiring needs means browsing through hundreds of applications and screening the candidates to shortlist a handful. And in case those shortlisted candidates aren’t what you thought they would bring to the table or don’t accept the job offer, you will be back to square one, going through the process all over again. Hiring the wrong candidate too would mean trouble as you will have to go back to the starting point again.  

Since the time spent on the recruiting process is equal to the money spent by your business, getting it right is crucial. By involving a headhunting firm specialised in filling the roles you want to hire for, you can find and hire suitable candidates fast. From using their professional networks and going beyond traditional methods of sourcing candidates to tapping into both active and passive candidates, a headhunting firm can do it all quickly and efficiently, thus saving your business precious money and even time and effort.  

4.     Act as an Extension of Your HR Department

If you already have an HR department to meet your staffing needs, your headhunting partner could act as an extension of your HR. If you don’t have an HR department, your headhunters can be your HR on-demand, thus giving you a flexible option to have HR consulting services on an as-needed basis.

Whether you have long, mid, or short-term staffing needs, your headhunting firm can offer customised solutions to meet them. You could even seek their assistance for some HR-related matters and to meet your other recruitment needs, either on or off-site.

5.     Fine-Tune Job Descriptions

Though writing a good job description is vital for attracting the right candidates, not many businesses do it successfully. If you too belong to this league, partnering with a headhunting firm can help. Professionals on board such a firm can fine-tune job descriptions and even let you zero in on what specific roles should be doing versus what they may be presently doing.

For instance, your job description could list the 3 must-have skills and the 3 nice-to-have skills that you want your potential hires to have for a specific role. Though you won’t typically get candidates who will hit these criteria 100%, having ones who match the 3 must-haves and score 1 or 2 out of the 3 on the second criteria are likely to be a good fit for the open role.

Final Words

A reliable headhunting firm will invest time and effort to get to know your business to ensure the candidates they source and hire for you are a great fit for your business. From offering you an objective and outside perspective to recommending creative hiring solutions for the optimal use of budget and resources, headhunters will do it all. You will also get to save money, have professionals who can fine-tune job descriptions, and get HR consulting services on as-required basis by partnering with a headhunting firm.

If you are ready to bring a headhunting firm on board to meet your hiring needs quickly and efficiently, connect with us at InHunt World right away!   

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