InHunt World keeps on growing with over 46 countries in its International Headhunting Network. We expand our world-wide partnerships and now we are proud to announce our new Partner for Belgium. Archetype joins our Global Network representing InHunt World in Bruxelles, Belgium.

We had the pleasure to interview Marc Diamant, for our blog today. A very warm welcome to him and his great team from our behalf!

Here is what he told us earlier today:

InHunt World: Welcome to our Network Marc! We are so excited to have Archetype Belgium join InHunt World. Can you please introduce us to the company you founded?

Marc: In one sentence, we reinforce sales, marketing, and management teams through recruitment, coaching and evaluation.

Combining these three services in a mutual approach creates interactions and synergy which render each process more relevant, effective, and durable

We have been assessing, recruiting, and training individuals for 30 years, according to a model of our own, which we firmly believe in and which has consistently proven successful over time.

With our expertise in human capital, specifically in the fields of management, sales, and marketing, we help both individuals and teams to build their skills to achieve their goals with passion and authenticity.

The word “archetype” comes from Greek and means “the original model”. It encompasses the concepts of authenticity and universality, which are at the core of our vision, mission, and purpose.

We are passionately committed to enhancing our clients’ human capital ensuring that this capital becomes the engine of their success.

InHunt World: Could you tell us a bit more about your previous professional experience Marc?


After my studies in communications, I had the chance to work within an agency, where I could combine sales and marketing, which are until now the thread of my career.

I have always been passionate about the power of combining these 3 aspects (sales, marketing, and communications). Thus, working in human capital development has always been obvious to me.

Circumstances and my entrepreneur mindset made me start Archetype 30 years ago. Since that day 30 years ago until today, I am still fascinated by how much the understanding and the combination of all these experiences and knowledge can be beneficial for our work with our clients.

InHunt World: What are some of your first impressions of the Network?


Ever since we joined the Network, we felt great energy, enthusiasm, and ambition to collaborate from the partners. We felt immediately welcomed to participate and to take initiative.

This is exactly what we expected from joining InHunt World. A place to exchange business but also where we can connect, exchange expertise and best practices with other leaders in the word.

We are excited for this new adventure!

InHunt World has partners and offices in 46 different countries. Our mission is to help companies expand and grow in the international markets successfully by finding their new key employees. Recruitments abroad can be a headache and a big obstacle when expanding operations to other countries. With us, InHunt World, we will make that problem go away, and you can be sure that finding new team members in the new country will not be an issue.

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