It’s a wise move to partner with global headhunters for executive search in Sweden

If your business expansion plans involve focusing on the Nordic countries, you could try hiring people in Sweden to set your footprints in the region. With a strong economy, low unemployment, and a largely neutral stance, the country could give you the perfect launch pad to expand your business to foreign shores, especially in the EU.

Finding candidates in Sweden won’t be a cakewalk though. Whether you want to hire professionals in IT, tech, sales, engineering, banking, construction, energy, marketing, finance, legal, retail, or any other domain, you need to be aware of certain things.

For instance, to hire in Sweden, your business will usually require an entity. This means having a local office, an account with a local bank, and an address registered as a subsidiary. Ticking all these boxes, along with handling document collection, vetting the candidates, onboarding, payroll, taxes, regional benefits, and HR laws could be a time-consuming process.

Since Sweden treats a full-time employee differently from a contractor, you need to hire right. Else, misclassifying a contractor could make your business attract fines. If handling these and various other essential aspects on your own feel like a daunting task, you should rely on headhunters to hire employees in Sweden easily, quickly, and compliantly, especially when you are looking to fill C-suite positions. 

Why Can’t I Use Job Boards in Sweden?

If you are thinking about why you can’t use job boards in Sweden to find the right candidate, you aren’t alone. You can definitely find a candidate on your own using job portals and social networking sites like the EURES portal, LinkedIn, Blocket Jobb, Jobbland, and others. But the process could be long-drawn and despite spending time, effort, and money, you may not locate the right find. And when the stakes are high, it pays to get the right candidate at the first go.

Whether you want to hire a CEO, Managing Director, COO, or CFO, you will need to take your pick from the crème de la crème. Since these C-suite executives are probably already working in companies of their choice and may not be actively looking for a job change, you need to make your job offer tempting so they get inclined to switch jobs and join your company. But this is easier said than done.

You need seasoned professionals adept at wooing top candidates so that your C-suite positions don’t lie vacant for long. This is where a headhunting company can help. If you are looking to set shop beyond the geographical boundaries of your country, especially in a land you don’t know much about, involving global headhunters can pay you rich dividends by accelerating the process of hiring in Sweden.

Recruitment agencies in Sweden can do a good job when you want to reach the right candidates for lower-ranking roles. But for executive search, it’s wiser to trust those who have been doing this for years with a striking success rate. Enter the global headhunters!

Global Headhunters vs. Local Recruitment Agencies in Sweden

By tapping into their strong and extensive professional network, global headhunters can help you recruit top talent for high-ranking positions. Whether the ideal candidate is employed, enjoying some time off, or actively looking for a change (the last one being rare though, but not impossible), a global headhunting company can locate the individual and entice him or her with a suitable job offer.

Navigating the legal and other stipulations regarding recruitment in a foreign land is another area a headhunter specialises in. Though local recruitment agencies too can help you handle these, they may not always be well-versed with the intricate details regarding hiring in Sweden for a global company wishing to set shop in the land. By drawing upon their experience of hiring C-suite candidates all across the world, global headhunters can handle such recruitment and even negotiate salary and other perks (on your behalf) more judiciously with the shortlisted candidates in Sweden.

Onboarding is another area that a global headhunting company can help you with. Not following up with a candidate timely or properly could make a big difference between hiring the person and missing out. After all the groundwork has been done and you are set to get that top talent into the fold, you surely don’t want the candidate to slip away just because you failed to touch base on time and conclude the process officially.

Yet, when you have a business to run and perhaps a thousand other matters to handle, things can fall through the cracks. Don’t let this happen with your C-suite candidates. If you’re too busy to handle it all, you can always rely on an experienced headhunting company to have you covered in terms of executive search and recruitment.

Wrapping Up

From blending innovative recruitment approaches to implementing tried-and-tested methods, a global headhunting company will pull out all the stops to help you hire the best fit for your C-suite positions. If you are looking to get the perfect match for an executive search in Sweden, you can trust our experts at InHunt World to help you get it right the first time.

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