Skills shortage makes recruitment challenging in the Nordic countries  

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Despite playing home to some of the most innovative companies in the world like Spotify, Skype, and Mojang, the Nordic countries lack skilled developers and other professionals. Though the region has a high demand for software developers and professionals in the healthcare, sales, green energy, and manufacturing sectors, finding and hiring them is a tough task.

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Though the EU has taken measures like the introduction of the Blue Card and the Talent Pool to make the immigration of skilled workers from non-EU countries easy in an effort to combat the rising skills shortage, the problem still remains. If you are a business owner struggling with your recruitment needs, knowing about the headhunting and recruitment scenario in the Nordic countries can help.


Despite its Labour Force Participation Rate reducing to 68.3% in July 2023 from 71.4% in June 2023, Finland has a low unemployment rate of 7.2% (according to Labour force survey in July 2023).

The service sector accounts for a lion’s share of employment in Finland. The country recruits in large numbers for transport, commerce, social services, hotel and catering services, health, and education sectors. Software developers, data scientists, and other IT professionals also form a significant part of Finland’s workforce.  

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Norway’s Labour Force Participation Rate came down to 72.60% in July 2023 from 72.80% in June. The country’s unemployment rate was 3.5% in July 2023, which was slightly higher than the previous month’s rate of 3.4%.

Similar to Finland, Norway’s services sector forms a large part of the country’s economy. The major sectors that employ a significant number of people are health, engineering and IT, and manufacturing. But what’s worrying is that a survey by the NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) found the Norwegian labour market suffering from a shortfall of almost 70, 000 employees.

Despite its low unemployment rate, the number of vacancies in Norway is at a record high. In other words, though the country has good competition for labour, it has a significant mismatch between the skills available for recruitment and the skills in demand. As this mismatch grows, more and more companies are struggling to handle recruitment challenges.

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Sweden’s Labour Force Participation Rate came down to 78% in July 2023 from 78.50% in the previous month of June. The country’s unemployment rate decreased to 6.2% in July 2023 from 6.4% in last year’s corresponding month.

Sweden’s top employers are in the healthcare and social services sectors, followed by manufacturing and mining, and education. At the occupational level, Sweden has a significant shortage of highly skilled workers in professions like biomedical scientists, software and system developers, occupational therapists, radiology nurses and dentists, civil engineers, doctors, physiotherapists, and specialist nurses.

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Wrapping Up

Skill shortage is a big headache for employers in the Nordic countries, similar to the rest of the EU. Whether you want to recruit locals or foreigners in Nordic countries, finding the top talent could be a big challenge. If your in-house resources have failed to meet your recruitment needs, partnering with a premier headhunting company in the region like InHunt World will be a wise move.

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