As weeks go by, InHunt World 2.0 phase is becoming more and more tangible. Between Madrid and Helsinki, the engines are oiled and prepared to start a brand new 2021 filled with important new Marketing Features, International Business Development Tactics, and disruptive new Ideas and Tools. The aim is to position InHunt World as one of the leading International Headhunting and Executive Search in the global scenario. Our focus, however, currently remains growing together with our Partners worldwide, tripling what we achieved in 2019 with little effort. It will probably take some time and won’t happen overnight, but the Management team is very keen on placing solid bases so that it will be easier to build on top of.

One of the strongest new aspects of this second development phase of the network is the introduction of the Advisory Board built around valued members that will have a privileged position at designing the actual future of InHunt World. “It has been extremely difficult to pick only some of the extremely talented members of our Network. It was a real challenging puzzle,” stated earlier today Arash, Director of Operations for InHunt World.” There are so many extremely talented experts that have between 15 and 25 years of experience in their field. We decided to choose these initial members based on their expertise and unique talents profile, but we will rotate these positions every 9-18 months, so we are very excited to see how it will be in the future also,” Arash commented.

The Advisory Board has been built following strictly a methodology developed at InHunt Boards ( and created by Tarja Ilvonen in the last ten years. This unique method allows talented experts in different areas to assist the Board of Directors in making strategic decisions tackling the situation from different angles. There are a set of specific questions that need to be addressed, before composing the pool of candidates of Advisory Members, and another set that is considered before starting the process. 

Four members have been initially selected to join the Advisory Board, but we do not exclude expanding it in the future will there be the need.

Joyce Duncan from Copenhagen, Denmark, will be one of the valued Members that will first join the Board. With almost 11 years of experience at , and almost 15 in the sector, she counts on a broad knowledge of the South-Eastern Markets, especially in the Singapore region.

Triin Ramat from Tallinn, Estonia is the Shareholder and Board Member of CVO Recruitment ( that covers that whole Baltic Region in the last 20+ years and is one of the leading Recruiting company in the whole region. Their sister company Simplika is also a leading firm in the staff leasing, payrolling, and outsourcing industry.

Adam Lyko is the Managing Director of Sowelo Consulting (, based in Cracow, Poland, he and his team have been one of the top innovative agencies in Poland for the last 13+ years. Sowelo currently operates in more than one country with a long history of expertise in the IT field.

Casimir Tallqvist will be representing InHunt Group from Finland as the Lead Team Member of InHunt World’s country of origin. Experienced business owner, he has been covering in the last years the position of Board Member in several successful Finnish companies and is currently one of the most promising Headhunters at InHunt.

These four core members will also be assisted by Teemu Ruuska, who is one of the founders and creator of InHunt World, who came up with the idea in early 2016. In this October, Teemu was appointed as the new CEO of InHunt World and with his over ten years of experience in the Headhunting industry, he will be a key part of communicating the vision of what has been done in the previous years and what is boiling in the pot behind the curtains.

Arash, Director of Operations of InHunt World, will also moderate the sessions and participate in the Advisory Board Meetings, so there will be six members in total.

The first meeting ever of this new Advisory Board will be held in two weeks, and we are sure it will lead to very fruitful and strategic results in the near future. We would like to officially express our gratitude to all of the Advisory Board members, and we are literally proud to be able to count on their help for this exciting venture.

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