InHunt World keeps on growing with over 40 countries in its International Headhunting Network. We expand our world-wide partnerships and now we are proud to announce our new Partner for Asia. JAC Recruitment joins our Global Network and representing InHunt World in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia, India, Malaysia and Vietnam.  

We had the pleasure to interview, Kento Nishikawa, for our blog today. A very warm welcome to him and his amazing team from our behalf!

Here is what he told us earlier:

InHunt World: A warm welcome to InHunt World’s Network! Could you please give us a small introduction to JAC Recruitment?

JAC Recruitment is founded in London in 1975 and extending our footprint to Asia in 1987, we are the longest established international recruitment company group in the region.

Consistently ranked #1 in Customer Service and Quality locally, JAC Recruitment Group offers talent search and professional TA services from our local offices in many different countries.

InHunt World: Could you tell us a bit more about your previous professional experience?

I worked in a recruitment agency overlooking the RPO business for a global IT client and was responsible for managing a team of 10 in Korea and Japan. Prior to that, I worked as a headhunter in the digital industry covering mainly sales and marketing positions.

I have also done sales in the food and beverage industry in Los Angeles.

Thanks so much to Kento Nishikawa, business development manager of JAC Recruitment, from Tokyo, Your Japan.

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