More and more companies are allowing their employees to work when it suits them best. The pandemic caused by the coronavirus will certainly only speed up this trend, as many of the companies, even bit against their will, will find that employee productivity will not drop, even though that timecard is not stamped at the office every morning at 08:00.

Each person has their own biological rhythm. The more our daily routines follow our biological rhythm, the better we feel. For some, it’s the worst nightmare to set an alarm clock to ring at 06:00., while for others, the morning hours are always the most productive of the day. I belong to the latter of these and recognized years ago that in the morning, I do twice as much than I’ll get done in the afternoon. For me, the alarm goes off at 6:00, and I can be found at my home office work desk right after 7:00. However, early in the afternoon, I’m pretty often already doing something else. In the evening, I will come back to the work desk for a few hours, when the ideas are brighter after doing something completely different. Yesterday, for example, I went to pick up my six-year-old son from school at 3 o’clock, and we went to play our local par3 golf course together. Now when writing this article, it’s 20:18, and I’ve been already working the last couple of hours.

“Before, it was agreed when you can work remotely. In the future, it will be agreed when you have to show up in the office.”

Many companies have also realized this and the fact that there is no valid reason why everyone should show up at the office or leave at the at the same time causing mayhem in the parking plot. There are a long list of companies in the world that give their employees completely free hands to decide when and where they work. Netflix is one them and has taken it a step further and also gives its employees full freedom to choose when and how much they want to take holidays per year. Virgin and many other companies have since followed and adopted the same practice.

When asked about the reasons behind, Netflix management was very straightforward, “We should focus on what people get done, not how many hours or days they are working. Just as we don’t have a nine to five day policy, we don’t need a vacation policy either.”

These things also tell us that companies are forced to innovate as well as attract the best employees to join them in very different ways. Work must be meaningful, and only the future will show how does the new work-life looks like. What is certain is that not just the pandemic but also the competition between companies for the best employees, as well as the new opportunities provided by the latest technologies, will have a big impact for the future work life.

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Teemu Ruuska

Director, Co-Founder & Headhunter

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