In this blog series we are going to interview all our Partners and learn how the pandemic is affecting different countries around the globe. Today we are in Sweden where we had a chance to talk with Mr. Jonas Brögger, CEO of McCloud Miller Group. McCloud Miller Group has its main focus in developing Human Capital and create Growth for its clients. Their services spans from Headhunting, Growth management to Assessment and Development.

First of all, how are you? We hope that you and your family have stayed healthy during this pandemic.

We are all fine, thanks!

How’s the Sweden at the moment or how has it been the last 6 – 7 months?

Apart from Covid-19, the business climate is quite good. Sweden has a relatively high level of tech infrastructure so the transformation to working from home has gone easy. People in general are positive and the level of innovation and creativity is high. This is the new normal.

And what about business and the general atmosphere? How the companies are holding up, have there been lot of layoffs?

As mentioned above the atmosphere is good, especially in Stockholm. There have been lots of layoffs but according to government figures. Most people tend to find new work within a relatively short time period. Industry wise, the larger first with a lot of overhead cost are probably having a dip as business slowed down when the pandemic started.

How do you see the end of 2020? And what about 2021?

Looks good and I think 2021 will be interesting and a good business year. The ability to adapt to the “new normal” is key. Innovation and creativity based on tech will make 2021 a great year.

What do you think about the future? What is going to be the biggest difference in Sweden if you compare the situation before the pandemic and the possible situation after?

The future of work will be different in terms of how, where and when you work. I think the pandemic will open up for more remote/distributed workforces so recruiting people from around the world will increase and benefit companies. The most suitable person for the job might not live in your city.

What kind of roles do you think companies are going to need the most after the pandemic? Do you think there’s some big difference before and after COVID regarding recruitment and headhunting?

As mentioned, I think the pandemic has opened up for new ways of working and this will also affect how to recruit. In regard to roles post COVID, I would say leaders who have the ability to create a strong culture with people who might not be at the office and who are able to take advantage of technology. People with a growth mindset!

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