In this blog series, we are going to interview all our Partners and learn how the pandemic is affecting different countries around the globe. Today we are in the Netherlands, where our Partner Adams Recruitment and their CEO Florin Buduroi give his point of view on how things have been going in general and how 2021 already looks like.

First of all, how are you? We hope that you and your family stayed healthy during this pandemic.

Yes, luckily we are all healthy and jolly at the end of this crazy year. ? 

How’s the situation at the moment, or how has it been the last 6 – 7 months? 

This has been an unpredictable year for our business. We started 2020 with a strong focus on several industries we were recruiting for heavily, such as tourism and FMCG.

Unfortunately, some of our traditional clients have been affected by the COVID19 pandemic and had to put all recruitment on hold. We then refocused more on e-commerce projects and discovered a high demand on the market for such roles. One particularity we noticed in the local market in the past months was an increase in the recruitment speed.

Companies that are still hiring have joined the remote trend and are making decisions faster. This, in turn, made 2020 a good year for us as we filled more roles in a shorter time and could always work on “fresh” business.

And what about business and the general atmosphere? How the companies are holding up, have there been a lot of layoffs?  

Sadly, some of the large companies had to let people go, and this created some uncertainty in the market, especially in the spring and summer months. On the positive side, many B2B, e-commerce, and software companies are still growing fast and are able to assimilate some of the talent available. This, combined with the national support packages, has helped companies remain optimistic, and the overall atmosphere is still a positive one.

How do you see the end of 2020? And what about 2021?

I believe 2021 will be an interesting year for talent and companies. The hard-to-find-employees remain hard to find, and this means that companies will need to reconsider their hiring strategies to include more remote workers. It also means that organizations will continue to strengthen their employer branding and come up with competitive packages and career advancement possibilities. I see that industries such as software, cyber-security, life sciences, and e-commerce are still growing, and I think this trend will continue well into the next year.

What do you think about the future? What is going to be the biggest difference in the Netherlands when you compare the situation before the pandemic and the possible situation after?

I think many companies will continue their growth plans and maybe even at an accelerated pace. I also anticipate that more international organizations will be interested in having a local presence in Europe, and The Netherlands is one of the countries that offer a great business climate and access to international talent.

What kind of roles do you think companies are going to need the most after the pandemic? Do you think there’s some big difference before and after COVID regarding recruitment and headhunting?

I expect that Marketing and strategic online growth will remain a focus for many organizations for next year. Some companies will also go through a reconstruction phase and will need to recruit in volumes in order to rebuild their teams. It is hard to anticipate the trends and main differences as this depend greatly on the way each company will adjust their culture and recruitment process to a less office-centric environment.

What tips would you have for foreign job seekers who would like to come and work in the Netherlands?

Do your research, understand the local market and job possibilities, know your value, be patient, discover the key players in your field of activity and most importantly – be prepared to live in an amazing country! ? 

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