Reasons to join InHunt World

Here are some good reasons why your local headhunting company should consider to join InHunt World International Headhunting Network:


Increase your sales

InHunt World will bring you new business. Mainly this will happen in three different ways:


– Offer requests through online: Click and review the page Success Story of InHunt Group and you will understand this. During the upcoming years InHunt World will be receiving hundreds of offer requests trough its website. If You are the Partner and the need is in your country, You are the one who will receive it and be responsible for the execution.

– Cases trough other partners: In our network, Partners can execute their own cases where ever. We don’t put any limits. But if one of our Partners has a case in some other country and they are not comfortable to execute it, they can always ask help from the other Partners inside our network  In this case the money is divided between the seller and the executer.

– Offer international help for your clients: Like already explained, this is totally up to you if you want to use the help of our Partners. But InHunt World will be active and transparent network for its partners. So if you have a case in some country where you don’t know how to execute it, you are going to be really comfortable to hand it over to one of our partners in other countries and let them do it for you.


Make your brand and company stronger in your local market

In every market and country there is many headhunting companies. Being part of a strong international chain will help you to build your own brand and make your company stronger.


Share ideas & learn new best practises

Life is a learning process and there’s always something valuable to learn. InHunt World will be really active together its partners and will have a social media platform where we can share the ideas among other partners. Also annual meetings will be held in Madrid, Spain and the costs will be covered by InHunt World.


Get more candidates for your cases

Yes, we know that this is not a problem for any good headhunting company. But still with InHunt World you will have a bigger quantity of better candidates for your cases nationally and internationally.


No costs, no risk

How this can be possible? Well, from those cases that we receive trough and will be handed to our Partners, InHunt World retains a small percentage which will be used to cover all the operating expenses.