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Business Cheetah 2021
Sowelo Consulting in Poland has been awarded by the European Business Institute in the 16th edition of the Business Cheetahs 2021 competition, the 14th edition of the Polish Economy Diamonds 2021 competition and also the 14th edition of the Efficient Company 2021 competition.

The company is developing dynamically, the average revenue and net profit in the years 2019-2020 was +54% in its case. This earned it the title of Business Cheetah 2021.
It also operates effectively, the average ratio of net profit to revenue in 2019 and 2020 reached 58%, which earned it the title of Efficient Company 2021.
All of this made Sowelo Consulting earn the prestigious title of Strong Trustworthy Company 2021.

Information about Europejska Firma and the European Business Institute
The Europejska portal and the European Business Institute analyse the financial results of companies. For more than 15 years, they have thoroughly analyzed the financial results of more than 100.000 Polish companies.
The analyses are mainly based on official and reliable financial data submitted by companies to the National Court Register. This data is public and generally available in order to make economic activity safer.

The analyses and rankings help to check the credibility of business partners.
Since 2006. The European Business Institute has been organising the Business Cheetahs Competition (Gepard Biznesu Award).
If in the adopted period the average of the dynamics of income and net profit of the examined company is more than 10%, it awards the title of Business Cheetah.
Since March 2016, this project is protected by the Business Cheetah trademark in 28 countries of the European Union.

Sowelo Consulting has its Headquarters in Krakow, Poland

On the basis of data from the National Court Register, the institute has also organized since 2008, the Effective Company Competition, and since 2013, the Strong Trustworthy Company Competition.
It recognizes as an effective company the ratio of net profit to revenue if higher than 5%.

The title of Strong Trustworthy Company is granted to a company which in a given year is simultaneously awarded in the Business Cheetahs Competition and the Effective Company Competition.

Since 2008, the European Business Institute (IEB), on the basis of data from the National Court Register, has also organized the competition Diamonds of the Polish Economy.
This title is awarded to companies whose market value is, according to its estimates, more than 10 million zł (Zloty: The current Polish Currency, also used as PLN).

The market value of companies is used from 2020 also in the Most Entrepreneurial City Competition, which the institute organizes since 2007.
The title is awarded to cities in which there is a minimum of 20 companies worth more than PLN 20.000 per city inhabitant and a minimum of 10 Diamonds of the Polish Economy, so for example to companies worth more than PLN 10.000.000.

Since 2012 the institute has been conducting the Great Modernizer of Poland competition. It awards the title to entities whose two-year depreciation was higher than PLN 5 million.
Every year companies apply to the institute with a request to analyze their financial results and assess whether they deserve to be recognized in its competitions.

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