Skills shortage is a worrying factor for Sweden’s job market
Skills shortage is a worrying factor for Sweden’s job market

If you plan to work in Europe, you can set your eyes on Sweden. The country has an extremely high labour force participation rate. When it comes to employment rates in the OECD, Sweden draws attention as it has one of the highest employment rates. The country’s employment rate averaged 66.44% from 2001 until 2023 and reached an all-time high of 72.80% in July 2023.

The employment rate in Sweden dipped slightly to 68.90% in October 2023 from 69.20% in September 2023. The country’s unemployment rate went up to 7.4% in October 2023 from 7.1% in the corresponding month in 2022, with the number of unemployed going up by 17,000 year-on-year to 4,16,000. It’s worrying that Sweden’s employment growth is anticipated to stall and its unemployment rate is predicted to go up from 7.6% in 2023 to 8.6% in 2025.

Still, a lot works in favour of Sweden when it comes to finding employment in the country. From flexible work hours and emphasis on work-life balance to paid vacation, paid parental leave, and sickness compensation, working in Sweden can bring you several benefits. It will also help if you have some idea of the nation’s job market, can learn basic Swedish, and decode the Swedish work culture to thrive in your job.

In-Demand Jobs in Sweden

Sweden’s largest employers are healthcare and social services, where 8,17,333 people are employed. The subsequent spots are held by business services and trade, which employ 6,32,888 and 5,95,192 employees respectively.

At the occupational level, the country has a considerable shortage of highly skilled workers in professions such as civil engineers, midwives, system and software developers, IT architects and system analysts, doctors, specialist nurses, nursing assistants, police officers, special needs teachers and educators, and primary school teachers.

Other occupations with different skill levels that suffer from a significant shortage of workers are healthcare assistants, construction workers, manufacturing machine operators, welders, tram and bus drivers, plumbers and pipe fitters, motor vehicle mechanics and repairers, mobile farm and forestry plant operators, industrial and agricultural machinery repairers and mechanics, and carpenters and joiners.

Competition to land jobs is intense for professions such as estate agents, bankers, photographers, journalists, graphic designers, office receptionists, shop assistants, caretakers, telephone operators, and purchasing and order assistants. Consequently, these professionals experience high levels of unemployment.

Lack of Skilled Professionals in Sweden

According to a survey by Manpower Group in 2022, shifting demographics, including declining birth rates and the increase in early retirees, means talent in Sweden is scarcer than ever before. The country’s talent shortage across industries stands like the following:

  • Manufacturing: 81%
  • IT and Technology: 80%
  • Wholesale and Retail Trade: 79%

The skills shortage is still a worrying factor. Some surveys indicate the gap between the skills required by businesses and the skills available on the market is now at its greatest. This means employers in Sweden are having a tough time finding the right blend of skills to meet their present and future needs.

In autumn 2022, it was found that 41% of private employers had experienced a skills shortage when hiring in the past 6 months. The percentage rose among public employers over the same period as 60% faced a recruitment shortage.

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