I just concluded my first week at InHunt World and my experience honestly could not be better. I really liked the perfect balance between having just about the right quantity of daily tasks in order to avoid needing to raise my hand prompting for more work, and also not being totally crushed by an unhuman level of workload. 

I could truly tell there had been a previous and careful planning of the onboarding process which made me really appreciate my first steps onto the new role. The very warm welcome from all of the InHunt Group was also something that made me instantly feel part of the organisation, I highly appreciated the kind words from each of my colleagues. I started to contact the first international partners which are also part of our team and I admit that I find it absolutely exciting to be able to skype with three different continents in one afternoon. 

My main mission as Partner Director of InHunt World – Global Headhunting Network is to consolidate and grow our international Headhunters Network currently formed by 32 countries. We aim and having over 50 countries by the end of 2021, but conquering more flags on the map would be of no use unless we are able to tangibly increase our cross-border operations. By the end of 2020 we will start deploying our new Internation Expansion Programme that we are designing including the needs and feedback from each individual current partner of the network.

InHunt World is seriously committed to triple its efforts in terms of resources invested, marketing and energy in order to bring InHunt World at the level of other well-established international headhunting networks by 2022 at the latest.

The road is long, and I am maintaining a very realistic approach towards our partners that are both curious and enthusiastic about the new changes that are coming up this autumn. Most international partners of InHunt World feel absolutely engaged and showed an incredibly supportive and collaborative attitude from the very first online meeting (looking forward to meeting them in person soon!).

We are designing and interactive online workshop for the spring and hopefully the first InHunt World presential summit for the end of 2021 (location yet to be revealed!).

I feel extremely honored for the opportunity that InHunt World has given me and I feel confident that my international experience will come in handy during the consolidation of the brand among well-established players. 

Stay tuned for more news!

– Arash Palizban, Partner Director of InHunt World

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