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It’s the responsibility of a technical recruiter to spot, source, screen, and recruit good candidates suitable for technology-related positions. From data analysts and software engineers to technical writers, a technical recruiter can help find and hire these professionals for your company.

Typically, these recruiters will collaborate with your company’s hiring manager or hiring team to set practical technical requirements for quick and effective hiring.

What is a Technical Recruiter’s Job Description?

A technical recruiter is usually an HR specialist with robust technical knowledge, who helps your company find and hire the best-fit candidates for open technical positions. But how is technical recruitment done? Or, how do technical recruiters pick the right talents for an organization?

At first, the technical recruiter will meet the members of your company’s management team to identify technical job openings that need to be filled on priority. From there, the technical recruiter will search for well-qualified applicants and persuade them to apply for the open positions.

Technical recruiters will also keep records of applications, take part in the technical recruitment interview process, and evaluate the technical knowledge of prospective hires. Once the candidates are hired, technical recruiters will help ensure the proper completion of paperwork and necessary documentation.

At a glance, here are the key duties and responsibilities that can be commonly found in a technical recruiter’s job description, which any successful technical recruiter will carry out.

  • The technical writer works together with the HR manager or the human resource specialist to understand the roles to be filled, what those roles need, and the recruitment process of the organization
  • The technical writer reviews job descriptions for vacancies
  • The person identifies the most efficient methods for attracting and hiring the most suitable technical talent
  • He or she has a rock-solid understanding of the company’s technical recruiting metrics and implements them to drive informed decision-making
  • The technical recruiter can speak adeptly about the company and answer the questions of a prospective technical talent related to a particular technical recruitment
  • The person helps with selected positions’ job descriptions and specifications
  • Technical recruiter drafts recruitment advertisements and posts for open positions and gets them published in the most effective print and/or digital media
  • The person spots suitable candidates and evaluates their qualifications by reviewing their resumes, interviewing them, and using other forms of communications
  • The tech recruiter arranges in-person, telephone, or video interviews
  • The tech recruiter acts as the link between hiring managers and qualified candidates
  • Tech recruiters maintain contact with prospective candidates to keep them apprised of their application status
  • The person offers advice to hiring managers about salary negotiations with final candidates
  • The technical recruiter vets prospective employees’ credentials and performs reference and background checks
  • He or she confirms the decision of the human resources department and makes an offer to the candidates
  • The person provides unbiased, clear, and constructive feedback to the candidates on their performance in the interview
  • The technical recruiter maintains a presence in the technical/industry marketplace and community, and leverages professional contacts and networks to facilitate fast and effective hiring
  • The person attends industry conferences to expedite the hiring process for technical jobs
  • Technical recruiters attend job fairs and manage the company booth at such fairs to attract potential candidates
  • Most technical recruiters also forecast recruitment budgets

Technical recruiter responsibilities also involve executing other related duties as allocated.

A Technical Recruiter’s Qualifications and Skills

Here are brief overviews of sought-after technical recruiter skills.

A technical recruiter usually holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or the technology field. Those with a bachelor’s degree in science can also become such a recruiter if they have a good knowledge of technology and technical skills. Some companies may even prefer these individuals to have a PHR (professional certification in Human Resources).

A person handling technical recruitments of a company should also have excellent interpersonal, decision-making, and communication skills. Additionally, good organizational skills, experience in handling various recruitment processes and platforms, writing job descriptions, and the ability to find and get top talents to fill technical jobs are crucial.

Some other soft skills to possess that facilitate technical recruiter duties are excellent written and oral communication skills, critical thinking, analytical skills, and negotiation skills. Technical skills the person should have include project management skills and experience in handling CRM software and applicant tracking system (ATS).

Some tools of the trade these recruiters use on a daily basis are email software like Microsoft Outlook and Gmail, Word processing software like Microsoft Word, and ATS. Thus, it will be good if the prospective hire can use these tools easily and confidently. A technical recruiter can excel in the role if he or she has deep insight into the company’s needs and a specialized understanding of technology, technical positions/roles, and technical skills.

Wrapping Up

To reduce the risk of hiring the wrong tech candidates, you need to work with a technical recruiter. If you haven’t hired one until now and don’t know where to find one, contact us.

We have helped tech companies across the globe meet their open technical positions promptly and seamlessly, and we bet we can help you too!

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