Assuming a company has offices in several countries, what are the most common ways to conduct the recruitment processes? Here we compare the most popular ones:

1.    The company conducts the searches by themselves from its global HQ

2.    The company conducts the searches from its local branch

3.    The company uses a recruitment partner from the same country where its global HQ is located

4.    The company chooses a recruitment partner from the target country

The starting point is quite clear: the company must be able to find, locate, identify and attract the most suitable candidates for the positions it wants to fill in another country.

Option 1: This is the most challenging one because very few companies these days have a massive recruitment unit that could secure all the important recruitments in other countries. The biggest problems here are the lack of information on the target country, talent market, cultural differences, language barriers, salary levels, laws, regulations, etc. All these things alone or together make the recruitment process really difficult to conduct in a successful way.

Option 2: This can work if the company has a sufficiently reliable and competent local staff to successfully handle the recruitments. But how many companies can be sure that the most demanding and important (side note: every recruitment is important) recruitments are done in the best way possible to ensure the continued success and growth of the company?

Option 3: While this could work well, the most important thing is to be sure that the local recruitment partner has a good network/partner in the target country. If not, then pretty much the same problems will occur as in option 1.

Option 4: This is a really good option as well. However, in this case, the most difficult part is finding the right partner. Also, this option should be considered only if the company has already established an office in the target country. If not, then we highly recommend considering other options. We’ve seen too many instances where everything starts well, but then after presenting the first candidates and the customer is not satisfied, the recruitment partner just disappears. That is really frustrating and expensive as well because lots of time will be lost.

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