The roots of InHunt World are in Finland. In 2008 InHunt Headhunting was founded, and within just a few short years it had become the biggest headhunting company in Finland.

The secret of our great success was to offer headhunting services for all levels with a cost-effective approach. Later on innovative way of thinking and implementation of the newest digital channels and tools have been the cornerstones that ensured growth and achieving the number one position in the Finnish headhunting markets.

After couple of years the founders of InHunt realised that many customers would like to use their services abroad. The biggest challenge to this was the fact that successful headhunting requires great local knowledge. Soon, the idea of creating a network with the best local headhunting companies arose.


When we analyse the International Headhunting markets, the biggest problems for international headhunting networks are that they are expensive and only focused on top-level management. In addition, they are often fairly old fashioned and outdated. Globalisation and digitalisation have taken a firm grasp of our business world, which has also meant new requirements for headhunting companies both locally and globally.

InHunt World International Headhunting Network has answered this challenge. We have built a network which connects the best local headhunting companies offering headhunting services from specialists to middle and top-level management. Moreover, we have changed the pricing and with us our customers will pay always the real local headhunting market price.

When writing this article, InHunt World has Partners and offices in nearly 20 different countries. Our target is that by the summer 2017 our network will cover over 30 countries. We have been and we will be really careful when selecting the Partners we want to include our network. This is the only way we can be sure that we can offer the best local headhunting service every time for our clients.


InHunt World executes hundreds of headhunting cases every year in different countries. Here is a short description of the services we offer:

For Companies

We offer headhunting services for three levels in nearly 20 different countries:

Specialist Level

Middle Level Management

Top Level Management

Take a look to our network here or contact us and we will answer you in 24h.

For Candidates

With the help of InHunt World you can move forward on your career or find interesting opportunities abroad.

If you want to be sure that we have you in our mind when the perfect case comes, please send your CV or/and LinkedIn URL to this email:

InHunt Group World headquarters are in Madrid, Spain.

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