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Are you preparing for a Zoom interview? If yes, your dress code for the virtual interview will play a vital role in deciding whether or not you get selected. However, answering what should I wear for a Zoom interview” could be tricky sometimes as choosing the right virtual interview attire can be more challenging than you thought.

It’s true that in virtual interviews, several things remain absent compared to in-person interviews.But dressing is one of those vital factors that you need to prioritise even when appearing in virtual job interviews. With that in mind, we have created this article to share some important virtual interview tips, especially on dress codes.

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Be Sure To Dress Professionally

One of the most important Zoom interview tips is to dress professionally. You should always keep in mind that the first impression matters the most.

If you look professional and well-groomed, you will automatically appear more serious in the Zoom interview. Similar to an in-person interview, dressing professionally demonstrates that you actually care about the job and are taking the video interview seriously.

Follow the Company Culture and the Job Position

You already know that you are going to dress professionally for video interviews. But how professional should you look during the Zoom interview? Well, that entirely depends on the company’s culture you’re trying to join and the position you’re getting interviewed for.

For instance, if you’re giving a Zoom job interview to join a creative agency that prioritises being different, then you may want to show your unique sense of dressing.

On the contrary, if you’re giving the Zoom interview for one of the top-level positions, then it’s a must to dress up nicely. Try to look as professional as possible. In most cases, a suit and tie will be appropriate.

The company culture also matters when it comes to Zoom interviews. If it’s a casual company that emphasises a relaxed work environment, you may not essentially need to dress up to look like a business professional.

Not all companies have dress codes. However, if you receive a company dress code from the HR department, be sure to follow it entirely when getting prepared for the job interview.

Stay Away From Distracting Colours

During a Zoom job interview, the interviewer only sees a part of you. These include your face and your upper body part. However, you must stay away from wearing an interview outfit that may distract the interviewer.

It may include a scarf or hat, for instance. Or, it could be a flashy chain necklace. Basically, you must not wear interview attire that distracts the interviewer from what you are talking about or saying.

Also, you shouldn’t wear anything that may make the interviewer feel you are trying to be extraordinary or extravagant. The key is to always stick to a decent dress code.

Select the Right Colours

Colour psychology stands for how different colours are processed and perceived by humans. For instance, in many countries, the police wear blue uniforms. This is because blue provides a sense of safety and security.

On the other hand, bright red is a flirty and tantalising colour. It may also signify danger and put humans on alert. This is the reason all ‘stop’ signs are red.

So, what colour should you wear for a video interview? In general, it’s best to stick to neutral colours like white or different variations of blue, grey, and beige. You may want to choose business casual attire or strictly professional attire in these colours to create the right impression.

These colours are considered neutral because they don’t make any kind of flashy statements. Instead, they signify professionalism, security, trustworthiness, authority, and intelligence.

Black is a highly neutral colour as well. However, you should avoid it during a video interview that’s happening in natural light. This is because video cameras cannot always capture the creases, folds, and intricacies of black shirts and blouses.

Remember to Be Dressed Fully

Now that you know what to wear for a Zoom interview, let’s discuss one of the most important yet highly overlooked video interview tips. We understand that the interviewer won’t be able to see your lower half.

But who knows? The fire alarm may sound when a neighbour burns their toast or your cat may knock the cup of coffee on your lap during the Zoom call.

Anything can happen during a Zoom interview that forces you to get out of your seat to attend to the distraction. So, be prepared and remember to dress fully always.

Parting Thoughts

Putting some additional effort to look professional in a virtual interview is worth the effort. Follow the job interview tips related to the interview attire we discussed above and you will surely impress the interviewer in your upcoming Zoom interview.

It’s also good to have a “practice session” or a “dress rehearsal” with a family member or friend. Knowing that everything looks fine before the interview will give a solid boost to your confidence when you appear before the hiring manager.

Are you ready to ace your virtual interview on Zoom?

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