Did you know that Generation Z (born in 1997 or after) represents already around 10% of the total workforce in the current job market, and millennials (born between 1981 – 1996) are already approximately 40% of today’s workforce. Generation X represents 33%, and Baby boomers anymore, 15%. 

There are several reasons why employees leave the job, and according to the recent study made by LinkedIn, there are some significant differences between these groups.

According to a LinkedIn survey, these are the top three reasons why employees left their job by generation. 


  1. Better compensation and benefits
  2. More advancement
  3. More challenge

Generation X

  1. More challenge
  2. Better compensation and benefits
  3. More advancement

Baby Boomers 

  1. More challenge
  2. Better fit for skills and interest
  3. More impact

*Generation Z was not listed due to the limited sample size. 

Those reasons are obviously the reasons that attract the employee. Different results would’ve been received if asked, “why did you leave the company”?

Or a most likely same type of answers would’ve been received like lack of challenge, interest, advancement, etc. Also, low salary, unhealthy work culture, or incompetent boss are always on the top of these lists when asked for real reasons after leaving a company. 

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Teemu Ruuska

Director, Co-Founder & Headhunter

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